Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter... actually


my fav pic ever
There is nothing like New York at Christmas Time! 

I feel so lucky to call New York my home for the Holidays.
 I know this season, while cheery for some people, can be rather hard for other's.  
So please be Patient with people, everyone is fighting there own battle.
 Be kinder than necessary. 
Love. Look at the stars.  Make someone smile. Listen.
Find Hope. Call someone. Sing with the music. Hug.  Skip.
Make funny voices. Sleep in.  Make a wish.  Make amends.
Make a wish come true.  Smile. Embrace your family. Be gracious.
Look at everything you do have instead of what you don't. 
Mostly remember that, even when you are not looking, 
even when you don't think so,
 love is all around you.  

Wishing everyone a Magical Holiday!

xoxo, V

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