Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old....

A wise woman once told me many years ago...
"Out with the old
and IN with the New!"
Happy 2013 my Loves

I believe that life is just a series of small moments... of tiny choices we make everyday .. all sewn along together like the stitching in your favorite quilt.  When I look back at this past year the things that stand out the most for me are the moments that look suspiciously like ordinary moments - the ones that go by without any attention drawn to them, the ones that do not scream or say "look at me", but rather the one's that can easily be missed if you blink for just a little too long or if you don't pay attention.   
Like the glare of sunsetting off the boats & how good my body felt when racing doing sprints up the hill until we were so sweaty that we just jumped into the water; I see my friends jumping up and down dancing carefree in the rain to a band on the boardwalk, the smell of my mom's perfume as I hug her,

or how excited I would get when a song comes on the radio or  trips to get frozen yogurt.

The joy on my friend's face as it lit up when she opened presents at her shower.  I can vividly remember sitting crossed legged in the airport next to my cousin relling in excitement of all that was to come while eating cookies or running out in our bikini's for a mid-night dance party under the moon.  I have an imprint of the expression on his face when he turned the corner to open the door for me when I went to his house for the first time or laying there listening to nothing but the sound of the rain and a heartbeat.  Water falls,toothbrushes, 
               baseball hats, pool parties, Vegas, 


 seashell hunting, sunburn on my hands, pura vida and hammocks and how lovely she looked in her dress.  These tiny little bits and pieces fit together like a jig-saw puzzle in my mind - they may be just words to you, so insignifigant and ordinary. However, these are the moments that make up this year, little tiny moments in time that I will never forget, moments that can never be bought or replaced ~ all tucked away in the nooks of me.
So good-bye 2012 - it was epic and helloooooo 20-13.  Only good things to come - Let's go!

I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me.
Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text (thank you, A Poet Reflects)

True story... that is why I love to write so much... it seduces me... and has the power to heal, to help, to hurt, to encourage and so much more...  this year I will write more.    

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