Wednesday, October 17, 2012


         "Dig one hole deeply"

This morning I was in the chart room at my job and was in the midst of a conversation with my colleague when he started to talk to me about his Guru.  I know, "who has a guru?", you may ask, but I am a therapist and work with other therapist so it's perfectly acceptable for him to have a guru. Anyway, back to my story.  He was telling me that his Guru's advice was to "dig one hole deeply instead of digging numerous shallow one's."   I let those words sink into me and you know what?  I think that is perfect advice.  
It is very tempting to want to dig a bunch of holes everywhere, but while doing so you don't ever put 100% into them, how could you?  Since we never put in 100% - We will never get 100% out of them, often these holes are superficial and lead no where. We may dig them out of fear, loneliness, boredom, curiosity, but those holes will never be deep and will never fully thrive and have true substance. They often leave us feeling unsatisfied.  These holes can be many different things- your hobbies, your job, relationships...
However, if you are brave, because this does take a considerable amount of bravery, and choose to dig one hole deeply and put your time, your effort, your patience, your sweat and most importantly your whole self into it; is when you will reap the greatest rewards.   If you have one hole that you are focusing on you can fully nurture it... and you truly appreciate it.  The hole will eventually evolve and transform before your eyes, because you have filled it and put your whole heart in it.  
So you may be thinking "but what if I dig one hole and it doesn't work out"... Ahhh, but what if it does!

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