Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking chances

Agreed :)

 It takes me a really, really, really long time to like some one ~
 I have a hard time just letting go. 
I’m scared of getting hurt... but I’m even more afraid of never trying. 
I love just going with the flow ... Although I’m big into having plans I don't always want things planned out perfectly. I can be indecisive -- there are too many things I would really like to do ... 

 I greatly appreciate the little things. I like imperfections and quirks–they make someone or something originalI'm bad at math, I don't understand Marxism and sometimes I feel like I will never get enough sleep. I can be messy at times and unperfect. I look for the best in people and I smile way too much. I believe that when all is said and done that the relationships you have formed with people you love will be the most important, fulfilling and gratifying thing.   I hardly ever cry and more than anything I hate crying in front of people.  I am sensitive ~ I wish I wasn’t.

 I like it when guys wear cologne... I love  it even more when they only wear it sometimes. Hugs make me feel better ~ especially getting a hug when I really need one. I like things that make you think, people who make you think and things that make you re-examine your beliefs and having deep conversations. I love laughing so hard my stomach hurts. I have a sweet spot for good smile and when people smile with their eyes… but winking creeps me out.



  1. Winking creeps me out...priceless! haha, I love it.

  2. Goooodmorrrninggg!!!!!! I like this post very much so! I agree with it so very much. I have experienced just being around someone in the same room....same building...same whatever and just feeling at ease to know she is there and OK.....happy....BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Vanessa'a I do not believe anyone likes being sucks!!!! Like you thou.....I'm scared of not trying.....not taking the opportunity to tell that someone I feel a connection with.....HOW I FEEL!!!!!! I wonderr if I have a nice smile???? Oh!! More than anything I just wanna anchor my heart!!!!! :)