Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Little things that make me smile... 
 Every once in a while you need to take a breathe of fresh air and remind yourself of simple things that make you happy.   Here are a few of mine- what's yours?

This song and loving the guitar

Makes me feel all warm inside
Looking at an old photo from a fun night

Bonfires at the beach

a good quote

A Blue~Blue sky, being on vacation,  having a tan... and a new bikini

Being  Blessed with amazing Parents and Aunts & Uncles that love me. 

Cupcakes- the way to my heart

Going on adventures with my friends...

and L*o*V*E 

xoxo, V


  1. Goodmorning Vanessa'a, There's alot that make me smile!! Your posts do! Family is huge and children I LOVE!! Spending time with family on EASTER was Awsome. My sister and I took the kids for a walk around my Aunts neighborhood and then we had an EAster egg hunt. Just watching three, seven year old girls and a one year old boy have fun brightens my Heart. To see the beauty in life and the future and to see how well they learn oh and when they call me for help there's nothing like hearing them call me.. I Love doing a great workout and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards and having a friend do it with me and to push them to finish it. I wish I was where ever you were because it looks beautiful and adventures OH I LOVE. So im sure you had the time of your life, and its almost on who we surround ourselves with will give us the outcome of how much fun we will have. Im still learning on what makes me smile but definately music all kinds thats definately a good toon you posted so that does too. The water I love and can not wait to hang out there this summer OH!! cook outs hang outs and being around people that can laugh. That cupcake looks pretty good too, I wanna take a bite out of the screen. Well, thank you and take it easy.

  2. OH my GoD!!!!!!!! Just heard the song on utube and I LoVe, LoVe, LoVe it!! Thank you I like the One direction but know I love them. The song gave me great memories of someone I had a crazy crush on especially when it said the way her hair somethin something and it gave me goose bumps soo thany you. I would have never heard it and this is something everyone needs to hear. I sent it to my sister and a couple other people. This song is up in my ranks possible one of my favorites.