Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lady Like

Never apologize for having high standards in relationships or letting a person know your 
 how you should/need to be treated. 

A true lady should always Keep her heels, head & standards high!

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  1. Very understandable!!!! I always tell my sister she deserves the best and even at times I feel my girlfriend deserves better than me financially....Maybe even a little bit emotionally but I do feel that im pretty good with that part of the relationship..Though I feel that there is always room for improvement and its great to keep an openmind. Then at the same time Men deserve the same and I always tell everyone to keep in mind, " We always derserve the best..everyday from the time we wake up...till the time we hit the sack...We also deserve to be the best daily and its the little things that count to me and I believe everyone else." Thank you for your post and do not ever aplolgize for being you and wanting the best and being the best.. YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!