Thursday, March 8, 2012

Horribly limited

I totally agree and it frustrates me....   Sometimes I wish I could live several lives so I can be all the things I want to be and live all the places I want to live... but it's one of the many reason's to love life.... to take it all in and absorb whatever you can like a sponge.  I never want to stop learning ~ I want to experience everything.  
It is both a blessing and a curse...
but this sums it up.

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  1. I can also relate!! There is so many oppurtunities out there and its like what do I wanna do??? What should I do??? I dont know, then sometimes its like I have it but then maybe not.. So I have to keep pushing and finking out what really interests Me!! One day im sure I will find what I LoVe!!! You know its like if we learn something and do not use it, its just knoweledge, but if we learn something and use it then we have Wisdom. Then I think hey I just like kowing a little bit of everything, But I do believe that I need to have a specialty... What do you think???? Your funny it is a blessing and a curse... We LoVe to learn, we Love to experinece life, you probly a little more than myself... Then I think "Hey" Thats the Beuaty in life, we have that free will and we can do what ever we like. Then I think "Use it or Lose it!!" This doesnt apply to just working out physically, we have to keep learning and thinking to keep our minds. They say we peak in our 30's - 40's. They say Scientists peak in there 50's, Why do scientists peak later than the average human being??? Is it because they keep there cognitive skills working?? Most likely so that means that someone that loves knowledge like ourselves will peak in our 50's not our 40's so keep learning, keep living and keep LoViNg Vanessa'a!!!! Im looking forward to 20 more years of being bright and I love it... LATER!!