Thursday, March 22, 2012


Don't stop Get it~Get it!

The first step is simply to start.  Focus on what you want and go for it.   Don't listen to the "I can't" or "it's too hard" or "It probably won't happen". Those words are simply just words - obstacles put in your path  to scare you.   

Most things that are worthwhile in life are hard, but there is always strength in the struggle.  It comes down to your desire, your will and how hard you are willing to work. 
 Are you willing to sacrifice instant gratification for long- term success?
Or do you just give up?

Remember everything you do today transends into tomorrow. So go on now and Motivate yourself to a place of achievement.

Think if you were to change, what would be the danger in it?   


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  1. I like that note you posted its so true just turn around and tell them whatch me. Then once you do it turn around so you can see there face its priceless. Then I love that workout picture " Dont stop, GET It!! GET IT!! Good song too!! LOL!! Well im glad that you posted this because I have been feeling a little down because im not that great with the computer and being that it is saturday morning and im at the college in my computer class it really inspired me to, get it get it!! LOL No seriosly it did. I finished my class and I was one of the first onces done today and now im doing my APA formatted paper for my psycology class tomorrow and I cant lie I have been scared because I didnt know how to do it but I had the desire and guess what its almost done so thank you for you inspiring posts and your "BEAUTIFUL"!!!
    Your so right most things that are worthwhile in life are hard to get but when you do it and look back at our accomplishments its like 'WoW I did that!!" ;) No danger in changing I guess Now can you post something that will make my grammer and English Superb!! LoL :)
    Thank-You and have a great day.