Monday, February 20, 2012

Slaves with white collars...

 Agree or Disagree? 
 What are your thoughts?

Sometimes it feels like everyone is chasing something.  
Maybe the question is... What happens when you get it?
Are you satisfied? Are you content?  


  1. I love this!!!!!! It's so true. We must break the chains we have placed around our own necks...

  2. I agree but then at the same time I disagree!!!! I like the ending because I can So relate to it. I always thought that I was the GReAt I am but really im just me. Im GrEaT but not the GreaTeSt. I believe that I can do what ever I put my mind to but not AlOnE!!!! I found out thru my little bit of time here 31 years to be exact that the Greatest thing to me is being social having someone to lean on for advice, for help to study, someone to push me to workout a little harder and sometimes a little kick in the butt to get my butt moving. I found that I get further in life and I have a solid foundation with myself. Im a little more mentally stable when im not alone and I do not mean alone relationship wise. Its just beautiful to have people in your life thats why I LoVe your V DAY piece so much. I get better grades when I have a study budy and we actually StUdY!! (LOL) I do feel that we are always chasing something and if you are lucky enough to get what you are chasing or actually if you are lucky enough that GOD blessed you with that gift, then keep it, HOLD it close, do not ever let it go, Do NOT let it FLY away. It may never come back. Believe me if what you are chasing is meant for you then I believe that you feel even more than SATISFIED, Even more than content, I think that we would FeeL CoMpLeTe - cOmPlEtE - Complete