Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pura Vida

I got that wanderlust.... 
Greetings from Costa Rica!

Tala of bathingnews, yoga and the view
Find me in Montezuma
Pure Nourishment

Fresh Fruits favs

They have a saying in Costa Rica "Pura Vida"- it’s a way of life. Contextually, it symbolizes the idea of simply enjoying life, being happy, and just going with the flow. It reflects the relaxed lifestyle of Costa Ricans.  I'm down with this! Kinda makes me think why I have not adapted this view on life sooner.

So far it has been getting picked up at a tiny airport, hearing that Tala and Cody had to travel through a river to get me, checking out new beaches, throwing a snorkel on and seeing fish swim by, 
waking up early to the view of the ocean in the distance and green tree's all around, chatting away with my friend as she makes fresh squeezed juice, falling asleep in a hammock with a good book, smelling like sunshine and sunblock, wearing a bikini and dirty sneakers after going to a waterfall on a 5 hour hike by accident, picking seashells, listening to monkeys as I type.

Definitely been bit by that wanderlust!!!   Tomorrow off to a volcano and some hot springs...  "Pura Vida!!!".

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