Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just do it!

  Life is a Journey- a Process, a never-ending learning experience.   Be patient with yourself. It's okay to not know what your doing all the time, sometimes that makes for the best stories. Just think - You get to make it as amazing as you want.  You will not get to go back and do it again - you get ONE life, this is it and it is happening right now. So stop waiting for things to happen- make them happen. You'll make mistakes, but you can always say you tried. In the end absolutely NO ONE is responsible for your happiness.. but YOU!   So create it, be amazing, do something (or at least try) that you don't think you can.  Seize opportunities as they come up, you never know if they may appear again.   Tell someone exactly how you feel- and own it. Take that trip that you have been putting off. Jump off the high diving board.  Take the time to really experience Life - Open your mind and really Use all your 5 senses!  Eat that cupcake. Play. Work hard. Take care of your body.  Give hugs.  But most of all be not afraid to Give it all you got.  Be nothing, but your amazing self. Shine. Laugh so hard your stomach hurts (that is my personal favorite thing). Surround yourself with people that you respect, who are positive and whose qualities you admire.  Give. Forgive, let go... in the end holding on to negativity only hurts you.  Hold hands.  Be compassionate to others- although we all have been handed a deck of cards- we are not all playing with the same hand. Have fun, enjoy the ride!
Life is a gift - open it every day and it's best enjoyed in the present!  xoxo, V

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  1. This is the day your life really begins. WoW!!! That is so true. I believe that life is a journey, a never ending Experinces of Beauty. It is Amazing to fail at something but then get right up and try it again. The only difference is know we have the wisdom to know how we failed and to perservere to move forward. "Yes, I did try and know why not try again." The one thing that I always try to do is go after what I would like to have because maybe I will never see it again. So why not try. If its NO then OK but we tryed. Trying alone makes me Happy. Also its a beautiful to put a smile on someone's face. To just walk around having joy and to know our joy can rub off on someone else. WOW!! Whats better than that. To inspire someone to work harder, to work out harder, to go back to school, to want more in life, to watch a sunset and then be up to watch it rise, to visit a sick Grandmother in an elderly home and brighten all the older people Sunday. What makes us happy is it giving? Is it taking? Hopefully its giving a little piece of ourselves to someone else.