Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Accept the Good

Accept the Good~ it's perfectly okay to accept when good things are happening in your life... or even when a good person comes into your life... or maybe even when someone does something really nice for you.  Don't question it -Just go with it... and accept it.  It sounds so simple, but often times we question... is this to good to be true?; is this person really for real ~are they really this nice?; or oddly enough,  am I deserving of this? Sometimes we can even act like we have a Happiness Thershold- and that there is some magical law of the universe that says we are only allowed to be so happy before the other shoe drops.  But that isn't true - YOU can be exactly as happy as YOU allow yourself to be.   The other day I was having this exact conversation with my friend, as I was (nervously) telling her how all these really amazing things are happening in my life right now and all at once... she reminded me by saying exactly this-
 "Accept the Good".  
 So I decided to do just that.


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