Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

In the words of my boy Jay "I know you gon' miss me~‘Fore we been together like Nike Airs and Crisp Tees".  Oh Summer we had so much fun together. You were magical in every way possible and I do appreciate that. You had me with your ocean breezes, long filled evenings, hot days dreamin' by the pool, tan lines, the sweet smell of suntan lotion, thunderstorms, living life in a little bikini while feelin' the sand in between my  toes, Hamptons, the Vineyard, laughter with friends and family, long crazy walks to alive @ 5's, <3, sea shells, sun-kissed skin, fro-yo dates with my girls, mini-golf, sweating in diva sessions, boating, hurricanes, being a mermaid, crashing waves, and playing in the bright lights of New York City nights. 
You have been way to good to me.... but I know that you are fleeting and it breaks my heart that we have to part... I guess they don't call it The Fall for nothing.

                                                       Miss Me, Vanessa*

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